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Are you a small manufacturer or order fulfillment business struggling to increase throughput, reduce waste, and control variability in quality?

Do you sense you should be proactive and undertake some self-improvement programs as other firms have? Or is a major customer or OEM urging you to undertake this program in order to stay in its good graces?

Whatever the motivation, you may feel “what’s out there” in the way of programs, tools, and methods are a mismatch to your needs.

IS & R Services works primarily with small to mid sized manufacturers and order fulfillment businesses that struggle with getting product out the door in a timely fashion while also maintaining consistent quality.  Batch process and recipe based businesses plus those with a high variety of end items and low volume per item are particular specialties.

The competitive pressures to undertake process improvement programs are real enough. If you don’t recognize the need to get more out of your existing capacity and insure quality on your own, your major customers will recognize it for you—even making addressing the issue a condition for continuing to do business with you. But programs such as lean, six sigma, the Toyota Production System, and others can seem daunting with their heavy dose of theory, their large company orientation, and even larger price tags. Worse, if you’re a batch formula processor or assemble-to-order custom manufacturer with high variety and low volume per SKU, these approaches can all seem like a bad fit for your environment.

Properly applied, combination continuous improvement programs can release untapped or underutilized capacity, improve speed of production, and eliminate the hidden costs of poor quality and rework. Margins and increased new and retained business can result.

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