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To learn more about us and familiarize yourself with our breadth of experience we recommend you have a look at one or more of our white papers or special interest reports. Free Stuff. These are complimentary and you won’t be pressured for information or a visit.

At the appropriate time, you can arrange for a brief discussion. We will

  1. Listen more than talk
  2. Point out the similarities and differences between your situation and others we’ve encountered
  3. Offer suggestions either immediately or after a short interval on steps you can take on your own.
  4. Only then might a visit or further exchange of information be called for. As always, initial visits and consultations are without cost or obligation.
  5. If continued assistance is warranted, we offer both fixed price and daily assistance agreements for further investigation or implementing new solutions.

Industrial Systems & Re-engineering Services
6607 Fernwood Drive
Lisle, IL 60532

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For a free report on overlooked operations improvement possibilities entitled, “Biting the Bullet in Tough Times, Five Overlooked Process Improvement Opportunities”, see the order request in Free Stuff.
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