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Biting the Bullet in Tough Times: Five Less Obvious Targets of Process improvement to Examine Before Business Renews its Frenzy

For those in chemical, ag or industrial biotech, or chemurgy type businesses see how a different ‘constraint based’ approach to costing and evaluating process improvement investments might work for you and lead you to rethink your choices: A Tale of Two Oil Seeds

One Box or Arrow Less Doth Not a Lean Process Make. Superficial judgments on paper can wrongly disqualify lower cost, cutting edge improvements.

Useful graphical PowerPoint read-only displays:

  • The Juran Breakthrough Process Improvement Cycle

  • The Car and Garage Model of Balancing Process Speed, Variation, and Compliance to Standards

  • A Stripped Down Six Sigma Portable Field Tool Chest Check List

  • The Shallow Org Chart for Program Oversight and Execution

  • The “No Widget” Zone (for process manufacturers)

    • The Eight Lean Wastes Recast for Batch Process Realms

    • Spotting the “High Cost of Partnering’ Supplier in Advance—Box and Whisker Plot

    • Water Clean Up and Reuse in Fish Processing (Shows ‘Lean’ Improvements and ‘Result Streams’, not Value Stream

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