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How We Function

The levels and types of engagement irrespective of the technical discipline generally consist of any combination of

  1. requirements analysis with a review of alternative, generally based on predetermined strategic guidelines
  2. high level design and description of components that would comprise any replacement or upgrading of current facilities
  3. Detail design with more thorough component specifications

  4. early phase implementation planning, guidance, and oversight. Subsequent stages tend to depend more on specific vendors or complementary providers and thus share fewer common elements.
  5. training as an option (especially for Six Sigma) using custom and licensed materials
  6. follow up with coaching and mentoring, review and enforcement of scope and metrics

Most engagements are carried out as two person teams with a complementary blend of generalist and specialist skills. In delivering value for services, IS & R seeks to align itself closely with vendors and technology providers who offer particularly potent tools in process redesing and technology. These are not remarketer or retainer arrangements, so that, while recommendations and opinions are offered, they are not steered by financial obligations. In some cases, post-sales or post-installation support is offered to supplement a provider's resources.

Recent Successes    

Planned and conducted Six Sigma training and rollout for a Tier-1 automotive parts supplier. Oversaw in excess of fifteen-product and process improvement projects across two plants under the umbrella of a division wide lean six sigma initiative. Oversaw efforts of key client project managers with titles of Continuous Improvement Manager, Production Manager, Chief Quality Technician. Result: client has documented over $3 million in cost savings and financial benefit.

  • Led a three-man team of operations and financial specialists who identified improvements needed in inventory management, assembly staging, and forecasting systems for an at-home education training kit supplier. Uncovered $1+ million in future savings opportunities and reduced waste and back order delays by one-third shortly after conclusion of the engagement .
  • Screened and identified primary variables affecting finished quality of hydrocarbon adhesive blends for a $30M hot melt adhesive and textile producer. Guided design of experiments approach to identifying key variables for control and use in a quality metrics system. Effort resulted in $25K in instrument cost avoidance and retention of business with top automotive customers, and led to subsequent compliance of QS-9000.

What clients have said:

"IS & R Services ... guided us through the implementation of changing our culture to Lean Sigma. The end result is a projected cost savings nearing $4 million over fifteen months that we've been able to identify in month nine."
Robert Dayton, President
Precision Engine Products Corp., Stanadyne

"At the outset our staff and rank and file may have felt the methods IS & R Services was introducing were for someone else and not them. Now I see they are comfortable with them and are immediately finding ways to apply them to solving problems and improving processes."
Ben Grigg, Plant Manager
Precision Engine Products Corp., Stanadyne

"As a partner in industrial project work, IS & R has shown the versatility, flexibility, and technical acumen needed to help get the job done cleanly, particularly when issues start crossing functional lines, such as planning, R&D, and production. I'd also add to that strong customer advocacy and empathy as compared to other services that take a more adversarial approach or distance themselves from the client."
Terry McCammon, PE President
Industrial Systems Integrators
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