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IS & R's Service's Training, Coaching, and Consulting

IS & R Services assists small to mid sized manufacturers and order fulfillment businesses get control over quality, consistency, and speed of product throughput in their organizations for bottom line improvement and long term corporate survival. Both third party and proprietary kick start training are offered in lean and green belt level six sigma that address more than two thirds of the types of the problems and opportunities encountered in modest sized organizations regardless of the products and technologies involved.


Small Supplier Six Sigma
IS & R Services offers a simplified form of six sigma training and mentoring that will encompasses the core competencies needed to manage process variation for smaller organizations. Transferring green Belt skills across a broad base of the organization are emphasized. Black Belt skills transfer is deferred until green belts develop enough experience to naturally promote a small number of practitioners from within the pool of trainees to more advanced technical leadership roles.

Small to Mid Sized Batch Process Continuous Improvement
IS & R Services adapts the language, tools, methodology of lean and six sigma to batch chemical, ingredient, and formulated product companies who have trouble relating to the “widget based” language of lean and quality with its orientation toward defective “units” and “piece flow”, labor defined workstations, and the like. Firm inviolable limits on work-in-process capacities and buffer sizes when vessels and tank farms are involved are other examples of differences requiring extra care and special focus in formulated product industries and for which IS & R Services provides targeted guidance and solutions.

Low Fixed Price Quick Assessments
IS &R Services provides low cost 1-2 day assessments to help sort out and prioritize the type of help and customized assistance right for your organization within the framework of the categories listed above.

Entry Level Lean
IS & R Services offers guidance in manageable entry points for lean and value added engineering programs suitable for suppliers to larger OEM organizations. Site prep “5S”, a comprehensive housekeeping approach, waste reduction, and hidden factory/rework loop removal are popular starting points for undertaking change. Batch process and laboratory intensive businesses are especially well suited to IS & R’s background and expertise.

High Variety/Low Mix and "Job Shop" Lean
Today fewer modest sized organizations have the volume, low variety and high end commodity orientation that the original Toyota Production System is designed for. IS & R provides consultation and implementation assistance in the various “flavors” of modified lean approaches more appropriate for the flexible highly customized make to order and job shop operations that dominate the lower and middle tiers of manufacturing and order fulfillment today.

QA and Testing Methods Development
For processes lending themselves to physical and laboratory testing IS & R Services provides guidance and development of testing methods with appropriate qualification through MSA or other industry specific protocols.


Manufacturing Information Systems Readiness and Optimization
A vital but often overlooked or isolated step in process improvement efforts is insuring that information systems support the new way of doing business. This can entail enhancing, tuning, or replacing current application systems. IS &R Services works with its clients through its partnership with SoftSelect and a disciplined analytical process to shape manufacturing information support around leaner, more quality directed business strategies.

To learn more check out Who We Are and our approach to overcoming the challenges to smaller companies and those that do not easily fit the grand scale “Toyota model” see Our Approach. For contact information and free no-risk, no obligation offers, see Contact Us and Free Stuff.

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